Let them know they’re on mute

This simple sign can quickly communicate to your friends and colleagues that they have their microphone muted when meeting remotely.

*Some assembly required.

CA$5.00 (2 Per Order)

Free postage worldwide.

We'll be contributing proceeds to Camp fYrefly

Built Rapidly From an Idea

In typical Punchcard fashion, we quickly designed and tested many prototypes to get to this product. Our growth has empowered us to iterate fast, and we wanted to share that with you.

Fully Compatible

Works with all popular video conferencing tools, including Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom. Simply hold up the sign to your webcam and it works.
*Not to be used with ICQ or AOL Instant Messenger.

Lightweight and Ergonomic

Weighing in at 8 grams, these signs will have little strain on your hands and wrists. The flexible assemble process is compatible with many hand sizes.

Supporting Important Causes

Most importantly, we want to make contributions to areas where we can help other voices be heard. For the month of July, proceeds from your purchase will go to Camp fYrefly.

——– ———- ——–, ——- ———- ——– —–. ——- —— —- ———–. —— ———-? ——. —– —–. I did it again, didn’t I?

Sam Jenkins, Partner at Punchcard Systems

$5.00 CAD (2 Per Order)

Free postage worldwide.

Proceeds go to Camp fYrefly

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